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Follow the Story of the Queenstown programm further down this to learn how it works.

Queenstown AFC - A Story of a succesfull Goalkeeping development programm

How could that work out for you?

Let's take a look together at the feedback from the President of one of our partner clubs, Q.A.F.C., and explain our services so you know what you can expect.

James and his team brought an powerful energy and methodology to the programme that we hadn't seen before. It was excellent to have the expertise and assistance of someone who knew what they were doing in setting up the program and securing funding for it. Not only did he make it about learning the skills needed to be a top goalkeeper, he also made sure it was fun and enjoyable for everyone. We split the goalkeepers into ability levels to make sure each group received the right level of training for their ability...

Let's have a look what happened here:

Step one

Assesment Planning & Funding

The part of our work described in that testimonial represents the initial stage of a goalkeeping program. The INGOAL team will assess the current situation within the club and, based on the club's needs, develop a comprehensive program plan and funding strategy. Leveraging our extensive experience in this field, we have a broad network of connections to trusts and sponsors. Therefore, we will not only assist you in implementing the program on the field but also in securing the necessary financial support to bring it to fruition.

Simon Again:

All goalkeepers improved significantly over the course of the programme, to the point where we would like to continue our support for this initiative as all of the goalkeepers have expressed their wish to keep training with this programme. I was impressed by the positive impact that INGOAL's assistance and mentoring initiative had on the quality of coaching and game analysis, fostering a professional atmosphere and culture of open communication where both mistakes and positive situations were addressed.

Step two

Training & Development

In the second phase, the program came to life. Keepers, divided into age and skill groups, received regular training throughout the week in a competitive yet development-friendly environment. They also received support from the club's goalkeeping coach on match days. INGOAL provides assistance to the coach and keepers during this phase wherever needed. We offer regular online and in-person education and mentoring sessions, and we assist in analyzing recorded games and training sessions. Our aim is to provide a competitive and development-friendly environment not only for the keepers but also for the coach. It's crucial for us to be present and provide support to ensure collective success.

Some really powerfull benefits of working with INGOAL in that period:

  • Access to Goalkeeping Development Software makes it easy not only to plan sessions but also to plan, track and oversee the long-term development of goalkeepers.
  • Supply essential goalkeepers training gear such as gloves, dummies, and specialized balls
  • Access for the goalkeeper coach coaching education, mentoring, and networking programs run by INGOAL experts.

Simon for the last time:

At one end, one of the junior goalkeepers (aged 10) was invited to travel to Sydney for a competition with Christchurch United's Academy, where the skills learned from the training programme were put to the test. He also won a Golden Glove Award at a different tournament. At the other end, we had a player (aged 13) take up goalkeeping for the first time, and will continue this into the 2024 season.

- President of Q.A.F.C. Simon Couldstone in March 2024 about the INGOALpartnership

Step three

Review & Future Growth

In this phase, the program is validated. We assess whether the set goals have been achieved and track the developments of the goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches. Our strongest tool, honest feedback, is employed for this purpose. Ideally, these learnings are then incorporated into another period of successful collaboration.

If it turns out that a goalkeeper or coach within the program shows exceptional potential, the INGOAL pathway can lead them quite far. The INGOAL network extends to European leagues and includes some of the world's best coaches. For example, in 2023, a promising young coach was given the opportunity to shadow Fabian Otte (goalkeeper coach at Borussia Mönchengladbach) and Michael Rechner (goalkeeper coach at Bayern Munich) for 14 days.

The INGOAL Partner Clubs
Waimakariri United AFC
Cahshmere Technical FC
Auckland United FC
Queenstown AFC

These clubs have embraced the Ingoal way, consistently providing professional training sessions to their goalkeepers week after week, following the structured approach that defines the INGOAL-philosophy.

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