INGOAL has changed my life – Ethan Waipoi

INGOAL has changed my life – Ethan Waipoi
Goalkeepers Ethan (left) and Danyon (right) with Coach Isaac Tetteh.

I was first introduced to the INGOAL coaching system in 2018 when I was a goalkeeper with a only couple of years of experience between the sticks.

I had little attention and coaching drilled into me with regards to the technical aspects of goalkeeping. I can remember the first few sessions when I was not coordinated and couldn’t even get through the hurdles and cones without falling over.

My game has come a long way since then, with regards to footwork, shot-stopping, distribution, and my awareness for reading the game. “I protect the goal with my life “.

The support and coaching are very encouraging and supportive,  motivating me to get out of bed each morning rain or shine to attend training. I know that every session I am constantly learning and developing my game.

I used to be an outfield player until I was diagnosed with leukemia and I thought that was the end.

Without the help of INGOAL I do not believe I would be where I am today. I used to be an outfield player until I was diagnosed with leukemia and I thought that was the end. I dreamed that one day I could return and that I would represent my school at the highest level.

I then found goalkeeping – it’s an art I now live and breath every day and night.

INGOAL has only just cemented my heart in the beautiful game and made me realize how much I love the adrenaline rush of being the last man on the line.   All the commitment from the coaches and all the behind the scenes work, planning to organize sessions has allowed me to thrive to get better and better every year. So I can only credit INGOAL and specifically Isaac Tetteh and James Bannatyne to my success over the years. I was 1st XI  Western Springs College Goalkeeper for two years and now captain of my club team leading from between the sticks. Issac has treated us with care and respect giving up his time to go beyond the call of duty to ensure we receive the best of the best every session.

I am extremely grateful and appreciate of what INGOAL has offered me in my life and development in football. I look forward to the future of goalkeeping with INGOAL.
Cheers Issac and James!